Known Bugs: Unfortunately you have to reload the game if you die. There is a bug which stops you moving when you re-spawn and kill a zombie. This bug will be fixed after the jam has finished.

A game made in 48 hours for GMTK Games Jam 2019.


A simple woodsman caught up in a zombie apocalypse. 

Play as Bret Pilgrim as you make your way from your make shift camp.
Through the endless forests to the north.

You have received the first sign of life since Z-Day.
through feint radio signals that you pick up from your ‘Wilson’ of boomboxes!
Signal navigator, light source, music player and apocolyptic best friend;
So don’t leave it behind!

Oh and don’t forget your chainsaw
It will help you out when the undead get a little… bitey...

Your boombox will light your way as it guides you to the signal source
and hopefully your way back to humanity…
...both are big and heavy,
You’ll need to make valuable decisions when it comes to which one you wield.

You have only one night to reach the source of the signals... Be quick!

…Oh and don’t get Bret bit!

How to Play

Move Bret

Make Bret look

Throw down Boombox + Pull out chainsaw
Pick Up Boombox


Sam Vickery

Josh Hibbs

Tom Innes


Download 59 MB


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Unfortunately an error stopped me from playing your game. After the start screen, a popup says: "An error occurred running the Unity content on this page. See your browser JavaScript console for more info. The error was:

RuntimeError: index out of bounds."

Hi can you please try downloading the windows version and see if there are still issues. What browser are you using?

Yep, the Windows version works fine. I'm using Firefox.